Famous Biking Spots in NZ

Famous Biking Spots in NZ

For anyone traveling in New Zealand, there are a ton of different thrilling activities that can be enjoyed along your route. One of the top attractions are the hundreds of amazing biking trails located all across the country and spanning many different territories. This is known far and wide as some of the best biking to be had in the world, featuring amazing sights, challenging trails, and just plain old fashioned biking excellence. Thousands of travelers visit these trails each year, with many of them planning their motorhome hire new zealand journey in order to hit up all the trails on their list. If you’re thinking of following them, then definitely keep these spots in mind.

Rimutaka Cycle Trail

If you’re looking for a trail that really has it all, then Rimutaka is definitely the spot for you. This run kicks off at the gorgeous Hutt River and moves on to the majestic Hutt Valley, affording you the opportunity to bike in some of the most pristine beauty in the country. You will also be moving through the area’s many wine fields, a pleasing route if there ever was one, and the trail winds out on the Wild Coast. Needless to say, if you’re looking for a challenging and satisfying ride through a gorgeous region, taking in the many different territories on offer, then you should definitely have this at the top of your list. This is known as one of the top biking trails in the world.

Hawke’s Bay Trails

No NZ biking journey is complete without Hawke’s Bay. Chances are you have seen these trails in photographs all over biking magazines, websites, and postcards. This is because Hawke’s is easily one of the most scenic biking areas on the globe. Not only do you have panoramic views of the North Island east coast but you have incredible sets of trails that have become known as some of the top in the country for biking enthusiasts. If you were looking to get a good look at Cape Kidnappers, then this is also your spot since the views of this iconic site are magnificent. The trails here are flat and easy but long and majestic, so make sure you schedule in enough time to take them in and fully enjoy. This is one you won’t soon forget, so put it near the top of your list and make sure to give yourself enough time to enjoy it.

The Timber Trail

Chances are you’ve heard about this one. No motorhome hire new zealand journey is complete without hitting the Timber Trail. Just like its name implies, this trail encompasses some of the most gorgeous forest in the country. Located right in the center of the North Island, this classic trail features a number of different swing bridges where you can get to the top and check out incredibly vast views of the surrounding scenery. This is what New Zealand biking is all about, enjoying incredible trails while taking in some of the most epic scenery you will ever experience on a ride. It won’t take you long to figure out why this trail has become famous with bikers both local and worldwide.

Mountains To Sea

Does the name of this trail excite you? Mountains and sea are two staple territories when it comes to biking, and this one takes them both in over its epic sprawl. This trail takes in two national parks, making it one of the longest trails in the country. This trail is made up of both biking trails and public roads and offers thrilling opportunities to ride across rivers and some rocky terrains as well. The combination of smooth flatlands and tough terrain gives you a pleasingly unpredictable ride that you won’t soon forget.

The Great Lake Trail

The Lake Taupo region holds many wonders and is a major attraction for bikers. If you’re looking to hit up a trail in this area, then check out this trail which allows you incredible views of Tongariro National Park and the lake that gives the region its name. Along the way you will see the incredible forests and rocky terrains that have made this region legendary.

One of the best motorhome hire new zealand journeys is to pack up your bikes and hit the trails. This country offers so many opportunities to hit the trails that you can easily spend weeks traveling to different regions and enjoying the pleasures the bike trails and surrounding scenery brings. Since New Zealand is a smaller country, it is easier to travel between your desired trails. If you map it out correctly, it is entirely possible that you could hit a different region every day over the course of your journey. Just make sure to have these spots on your list, then pack up and hit the trails.

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