Randal Benjamin 3 Essential Basketball Coaching Tips for Training Children

Randal Benjamin 3 Essential Basketball Coaching Tips for Training Children

Parents don’t need an expert to tell them the importance of introducing children to sports like basketball. Adults want their children to grow up healthy and fit rather than being obese. Many of them are already taking necessary steps in this direction. However, in the age of the internet and social media, they admit that this is a difficult task. Fortunately, they know their kids have an inherent talent to learn such activities at a very young age. Many of them can be as little as eight years old. Basketball is not an exception to the rule. The summer holidays are the best time to teach them.

Randal Benjamin How adults teach children how to play basketball?

Randal Benjamin is a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada who loves football and basketball. He plays the sport both at the college and professional level. He enjoys sharing his passion for the sport with other like-minded people. He goes out of his way to guide young children in the game when the opportunity arises. He lays particular emphasis on ensuring these youngsters get the basic skills right. He is an ardent fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. He never misses an opportunity to watch any of their matches. However, he does admit to enjoying the Oakland Raiders play.

He says there is a distinct way of teaching children how to play basketball proficiently. They don’t have the maturity and coordination of teenagers. Adults who coach them need to ensure these kids understand and master essential skills with simple tips.  They can achieve their objective by keeping in mind the following three important tips:

  1. Step 1: Introduce them to the basics

Many adults take on the responsibility of teaching young children how to play basketball. In doing so, they need to introduce them to the basics. They should first show these kids how to pass the ball and dribble it. They shouldn’t hesitate to give visual demonstrations to attract these youngsters’ attention. In the beginning, many of them are likely to make mistakes. However, through constant practice, they eventually improve.

  1. Step 2: Pay attention to form, skills, and technique

When the students are in the age group of 8 to 10 years, the coaches should use the right equipment. They should be using balls appropriate to the size of such children. These adultsalso consider adjusting the nets accordingly. This ensures they know the right techniques and ensure their overall forms are correct. This is a vital aspect of learning how to play basketball. Using heavier balls or placing the net a very high level doesn’t achieve this objective.

  1. Step 3: Shooting the ball into the net

This is another important aspect adult should ignore. Children need to know how to shoot the ball into the net correctly. They could be aware of the ‘BEEF’ concept. This means they maintain a steady balance and never keep their eyes off the net. While shooting should keep their elbows straight and never forget to follow through.

Randal Benjamin admits teaching children how to play basketball is not easy. After all, 8-year-old kids tend to be very clumsy. It is a challenge for adults to turn them into a match-winning team. However, they should focus on improving their forms, shooting skills and techniques. The above three coaching tips can help them in this regard.

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