Know About Cash Pot 2019

Know About Cash Pot 2019

Cash Pot is a Jamaican lottery. It will be a surprise to know, there are 6-drawings takes place daily. The biggest advantage of this lotto is the higher you play, the higher you are rewarded. Jamaica’s Supreme Ventures own and operate this legitimate business for the Jamaicans. That is why the Cash Pot results today are most sought the lotto enthusiast online. Here, we have discussed Cash Pot, its prizes and how to check its results online. This will be a guide to those who are new to the jackpot in Jamaica.

Age Limit

He or she must be above 18-years old to by Cash Pot tickets.


All Jamaican nationals and foreigners in Jamaica can buy Cash Pot tickets. However, foreigners must be a legal entrant in Jamaica.

Minimum Bet Amount


Cash Pot Draw Time

8:30 am

10:30 am

1 pm

3 pm

5 pm

8:25 pm

The above-mentioned six timing happens daily. However, there will be no draws taking place on the Jamaican National holidays. This winner has to claim his or her prize money within 90-days from the draw date.

Cash Pot Prize

This Cash Pot prize depends on the price you pay to buy a ticket. The Supreme Ventures allows lotto buyers an opportunity to get higher prizes by adding them to the below-mentioned pools.

  • Cash Pot Mega Pot
  • Mega Ball

Where to buy Cash Pot tickets in Jamaica?

The people interested or try Cash Pot can buy them from any of the authorized dealers of Jamaica’s Supreme Ventures. However, there is no option to buy Cash Pot online. You must not trust any online lotto sites who sell this ticket. They will go away with your hard-earned money. This is why many people ask is Cash Pot a scam?  It will be better to avoid such fake websites.

How to check Cash Pot results in Jamaica?

Jamaica’s Supreme Ventures do update the daily draws on its official website. Simultaneously, there are many online lotto channels in Jamaica. They do update the same. Here, a new person can check past dates and today’s date draws too. You can find the Cash Pot results today at the top of the prize result page. It is the best option to check by busy people later on. Those sites are trusted as the Jamaican Government does not allow any scam lotto sites in its territory. Here, you can check Cash Pot predictions too.

Cash Pot gives a person with a lot of prize-winning chances. There are many Jamaicans and others who are now a milliner due to Cash Pot. It is advisable to try it for a month and see. If you win more money by activating Mega Ball, it will be better to invest more and ripe well. This is a digit game, where you have to select one digit out of a combination of 36 numbers. Buying more Cash Pot tickets can win the odds. This is why the Jamaicans prefer this lotto.

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