Which Eyebrow Style is the Most Flattering?

Which Eyebrow Style is the Most Flattering?

They say it’s the face shape that determines the style that suits you best, from the hairstyle to the lip color. One thing you can’t underestimate, however, is the shape of your brows. Each part of your face contributes to your look, which means your eyebrows also have a role to play. In fact, they might even determine whether you’ve found your most flattering look or not.

But which eyebrow style is suitable for you?

For the Young and Youthful

You don’t go into this world with perfectly shaped brows or those that they call “on fleek.” When you’re in your teenage years, you’ve got your fullest brows, and as you age, they gradually look thinner. You may hate their bushy appearance while you’re in your puberty stage, but as you look at more trendy magazines these days, you’ll probably miss having those naturally thick brows. The fact is, thick brows are associated with youth. Therefore, if you’re young or at least want the illusion of youth, you’d do well to embrace the dark eyebrow makeup for sale that will help make your brows look thicker.

For the Confident and Accomplished

When you’re out there to realize your dreams, you put some effort into looking the part. And the image of a young, successful woman that you see on magazines always have their eyebrows plucked to perfection, with a delicate arch that takes hours to get just right. Naturally, you want to follow in this image so that your peers will recognize your achievements. And maybe you also want to set a good example to others, that it’s possible to look good and reach for the stars. With all that said, you prefer the eyebrow style that shows skill and poise, even if you have to wake up super early to get each hair in place. Thankfully, it’s easier to draw on eyebrows when you already have a good stylist to shape them regularly.

For the Glamorous

You don’t have to stick to one eyebrow style, just as you don’t have to stick with one hairstyle forever. There are special occasions that call for a change, and if that change means letting go of your regular bushy brows for the perfectly shaped brows when you go to a black tie event, so be it. You can also be the opposite, used to glamor but needing a laid-back weekend of not worrying about shaving your legs or not plucking your brows. You want to just sit in front of the TV and binge-watch your favorite shows. Every girl deserves a break that doesn’t require them checking how they look every minute. Though this is more of an exemption to your days rather than the rule, it’s still worth mentioning.

Like the rest of your features, you’re allowed to experiment with your brows to come up with different looks for different occasions. You can be that successful woman but also be laid back enough to not care about your looks on certain days. You can keep that inner child without it being your downfall. Whatever eyebrow style you choose, make sure you present yourself to the world with your best foot forward.

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