Clear Signs That You Need To Use an Oil Mist Filtration System

Clear Signs That You Need To Use an Oil Mist Filtration System

When you work in the manufacturing field, you must understand how to keep your space as safe as possible. However, you might not be aware of all the issues in your facility. Use the tips below to learn about how an oil mist filtration system can make your business a better place to work.

What Does Your Business Do?

When your business creates products for the mass market, you might create oil vapor that floats throughout your facility. Oil could be created when you use large machines, CNC machines, or use oil to lubricate your devices. The oil is often vaporized, and it will land on every surface. This makes your facility hard to clean, and the people in the building might breathe these oil droplets throughout the day.

How Do You Use An Oil Mist Filtration System?

When you want to use an oil mist filtration system, you must install the device in a central location, on a specific machine, or throughout a large space. The system uses a fan to suck in any oil droplets that are in the air, and the filter will break up the oil droplets.

What Are The Signs That You Need A Filtration System?

You might notice some problems around the facility that will lead you to install a filtration system. When you can smell or taste the oil in the air, you should use a filtration system. You might have a high rate of employee illness, or you might notice that everyone in the facility coughs or sneezes throughout the day.

If your facility is difficult to clean, you may need to install a new oil filter. You might notice that certain surfaces are caked in oil, or you might have issues with slippery floors because the oil is coating the floor.

How Can A Filtration System Help Your Company Save Money?

Your filtration system can save the company money because the space is easier to clean. Your cleaners might charge you extra money to clean the facility, and you will cut back on your cleaning costs because of the filtration system. The filtration system helps your company remain in compliance with local regulations, and you will raise morale in the building.


A New Filtration System Makes Very Little Sound?

You might use a filtration system because you are using a traditional fan today. If you are using a big fan, the fan is often too loud. The feeling of air rushing throughout the building might make it difficult for your staff to get any work done. Plus, these large fans might use too much power.

Some fans will not suck the oil droplets out of the space. The oil droplets might stick to the blades on the fan, and the oil will be dispersed throughout the building the longer you run the fan.

Consider Adding a New Filtration Unit Today

When you are managing a business, you should consider using a mist filtration system. You can add the filtration system to every room, and you will reduce costs at the same time.

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