Do you think vaginal douche is safe during the tenure of pregnancy?

Do you think vaginal douche is safe during the tenure of pregnancy?

For all the women who are thinking on the lines whether vaginal douche is safe during the tenure of pregnancy a general piece of advice. Douching in pregnancy appears to be a strict no. You are known to clean your vagina with water or other fluids and this can be done by squirting the liquid.  It is undertaken by a nozzle or tube inserted into the vagina. As per medical experts douching during pregnancy or even if you not should be avoided at all costs. The sad part is that women in the age group of 15 to 44 years are known to douche.

If you douche once in a month it reduces the chances of being pregnant. Research though suggests that if you douche the chances of becoming pregnant does reduce. At the same time the chances of ectopic pregnancy increases that make it difficult for you to conceive in the future. If you douche during the early part of pregnancy the chances of a premature delivery does arise. There are a host of problems that arise with douching during delivery, with irritation of the vagina and AIDS being most common. As per recent studies if you did go on to douche for 6 months at a stretch the chances of infection does increase.

What are the strange reasons on why women go on to pick up douching? As a part of study in Los Angeles nearly 141 women were asked the question on the reasons of douching and the answer was a yes. Out of 10 nearly 6 African American douched and the number in case of Latina American women stood at 4. So it is quite obvious that the former tend to douched more than their counterparts. Most of the women who were asked on why they douched give some interesting answers. The main reason on why they did go on to douche was for their personal hygiene. But the sad part is that douching does go on to disturb the balance of normal along with bad bacteria in the vagina.

There was another study conducted which went on to claim that douching did increase the exposure to phthalates. This is normally the chemical that is used to soften toys or plastic. They do find use in personal care products.

Now coming to the final part of the question, on how do you intend to clean up the vagina? The moment you are bathing you can wash the outside of it with the help of warm water. From the interiors the best way to let the vagina clean would be the method of mucus. Do not expect a clean and healthy vagina to smell like a rose garden. In case if you notice a thick discharge from the vagina it does make sense to get in touch with a doctor. This same policy applies if there is any foul discharge or smell from the vagina.

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