What is Traidso? Things you should know

What is Traidso? Things you should know

There are many conflicting Tradiso reviews online, as you can see. One website has a 5-star rating, whereas the other only displays negative reviews. Let us ultimately decide if you can put your faith in this investing firm. It is advised to have knowledge about Review on Traidso,

A broker should be avoided if they are unlicensed and cannot obtain a license from the regulatory body in your country. Even if the brokerage is regulated, it is advised to stay away from it if the regulator is based somewhere else. There are many brokers out there who use fictitious company names or engage in other fraudulent activities. A little amount of prior investigation can go a long way toward safeguarding your finances and yourself.

Tradiso is not a registered broker; instead, it is based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a notorious offshore fraud haven. This nation is infamous for not regulating its foreign exchange markets, even though Tradiso would have you believe otherwise. Authorities in St. Vincent do not “regulate” any brokers. This enables a large number of con artists to establish themselves there and carry out their heists unchallenged. Even if a St. Vincent-based company does not engage in fraud, it is impossible to predict how long it will be able to survive on the erratic Forex markets; the majority of such businesses fail within a few months of its establishment. 

Key specifications of Traidso which you should know

A broker must also have above 730 000 euros in its account to qualify for a licence, demonstrating that it has the necessary liquidity to conduct business on the notoriously volatile markets. And even if that were not enough, its clients are entitled to compensation through guarantee funds in which businesses are obligated to take part, with each impacted client being eligible for up to 85,000 pounds in compensation.

Tradiso trading application

The renowned Metatrader 4 platform and its successor, Metatrader 5, which are renowned for their potent automated trading tools, are accessible through Tradiso. They are nevertheless available from far better brokers than Tradiso, so stick with one of them. Spreads substantially higher than the standard 1 pip difference on FX majors are available from Tradiso. 

The leverage, 1:100, is also excessive. Most authorities forbid such quantities because they pose too much risk to retail trading. In truth, like Tradiso, the majority of brokers who provide them now are only looking to gain more customers. CFD brokers include Tradiso. The MT4 and MT5 CFD trading top platforms are available from Tradiso. For your own investment and trading needs, Tradiso.com offers CFD on more than 20 currency pairings, commodities, equities, indices, gold, silver, oil, bitcoin, and other crypto-currencies.

Our suspicion that Tradiso wants to restrict client withdrawals is further supported by the fact that the broker’s withdrawal policy is not posted on its website. Tradiso exclusively takes cryptocurrency deposits, which are not subject to charge backs. This typically indicates that the broker wants to charge substantial fees for withdrawals or add extra burden to them.

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