What Is The Role of Textbooks in School Education?

What Is The Role of Textbooks in School Education?

Students study to pass their exams proficiently. From the previous year papers to sample papers, syllabus and books, students make use of all resources they can gather and prepare most effectively for the exams. School textbooks are an extra medium or tool of instruction that support or enhance the learning process. Students of Classes 6 and 7 especially appreciate textbooks, as most of their final exams carry questions based on the topics covered in the textbook. These books will determine what topics and ideas are taught in the classroom, as well as the way they are presented to students. They also help to enhance the effectiveness of the learning process.

For example, for a Tamil Nadu student of Class 7, Samacheer Kalvi 7th books will help to study well for the exams as they explain all the complex concepts and topics in a precise and easy to understand manner.

Benefits of Textbooks

Textbooks are, in a way, better than online resources in several ways. They can be issued very quickly at the beginning of the year, for each class. Students can also easily refer back to them, when required.

Also, imagine if a student has joined any class later, then he/ she can just read up the book to reach up to date with what is being taught in class. Class 6 students also learn to make notes from their Samacheer Kalvi 6th books, which will come in handy later during their years in university. For further advantages of learning from a schoolbook or to know the benefits of textbooks, students can take a look at these points given:

  • Students are able to comprehend effortlessly the information in print. On the other hand, scrolling the page often seems to disrupt their comprehension
  • The main idea of the concepts under the topics taught in class is explained easily in textbooks
  • Teachers make use of textbooks as support to teach in classes and also to give assignments or homework
  • This is the best resource for students during revision time
  • Textbooks also reflect and influence the respective board syllabuses

Thus, we can conclude that Textbooks are fundamental to the learning of students. It is a rather cost-effective way of enhancing the learning method of the students. Moreover, it is also a handy tool to gauge the level of preparedness of a student for the exams. If a student has mastered the concepts and topics from the textbook, they will be able to answer the exam questions very quickly, thus scoring good marks.

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