Ray Breslin: A World-Class Authority on SEO

Ray Breslin: A World-Class Authority on SEO

A little bit about Ray Breslin

Ray is one of the most successful, ubiquitous digital marketers.

To say he keeps busy is an understatement.

Not only does he run Core Creations, but he is also the founder of SEO NSW and the brain behind the top-selling face mask company CozyMasks.

Chances are you’ve read one of his many articles or books, or heard him speak, or watched one of his videos.

He’s everywhere, educating marketers and growing businesses.

Here, discover three insightful facts about Ray Breslin that you might not know!

1. Born at the helm of the digital era, Ray started his skills at digital marketing at the age of 16.

Ray Breslin’s marketing journey started way back in the late 2000s.

At 16, he created his first website and paid a few marketing firms to assist with growing it, but only ended up getting ripped off.

As he would put it, he had to learn marketing because he had no choice.

He got good at it as time went on, but it would take one more step before he would pursue digital marketing as a career.

2. He took classes at his local community college while he was still in high school.

Ray’s sister’s help allowed him to get a head start in college while still in high school by taking general education courses at a Community College.

His goal was to complete a four-year degree in just two and a half years.

It was during his freshmen year in college that he got his first gig as an SEO consultant.

After giving a speech on how search engines work in his Speech 101 class, one of the people in attendance asked him about consulting on their Internet marketing strategy.

He used the sales skills he had picked up from selling vacuum cleaners door to door to land a $3,500 a month consulting gig, as well as his previous experience as a tree salesman.

3. Ray is a creative blogger who publishes blogs daily.

Many people are astounded by how much content is published on Neil’s blog on a regular basis.

Ray has a brain trust of creatives to help him, as well as a streamlined process to quickly create new content.

To find topics in his space and content by competitors that have done well, he starts by looking in the search bar.

He then finds other angles he can use to tackle those topics, whether it’s a different spin, a different format, or bringing a different medium to it.

He leads conversations and sparks debate, and this is why readers keep coming back for more.

He also religiously uses a content calendar to capture his hours and minutes with a team of marketers who work remotely.

Here are a few areas of Ray’s expertise

• Website Design & Development

• Content Strategy

• Marketing, advertising & PR


Ray is driven by passion. And he really enjoys what he does. He doesn’t sleep much, he’s driven by the passion to grow, and always looks forward to challenges. He has made it his life’s work to improve the lives of his clients through sharing his knowledge and expertise.

Ray’s Favourite Quote

“You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

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